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Debate between St. John’s College and Chundikuli Girls’ College
for the CMS Chairman’s Trophy - 2016

6th May 2016

The Inaugural Debate of St. John’s College and Chundikuli Girls’ College for the CMS Chairman’s Trophy took place on Friday, 6th May 2016 in the Peto Memorial Hall. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. Dan Seevaratnam, the sponsor of this debate. He is the Chairman of the CMS Governing Body.

Moderator, Ms.Vasuki Rajasingam, Principal, Nuffield School, Kaithady and judges Ms. Georgina Middleton, Manager, British Council, Mr.Mick Chatwin, Resource Person, British Council and Mr.V.Paranthaman, Senior Lecturer, University of Jaffna were present at  7:45 a.m. They finalized the rules and regulations and met the participants to clarify any doubts they might have.
At about 8:20 the Chairman drew lots. The topic of the debate - Marks and ranking system should be abolished in schools - was selected.

Following this was the Inaugural Speech by Dr.Dan Seevaratnam, Chairman, CMS Governing Body in the Peto Hall.

Just before the debate, the announcer said, ‘We have seen Central clash with St. John’s over a hundred times. We have seen old girls of Chundikuli clashing with old boys of St. John’s after marriage. But this is the first time we are going to see one taking on the other in a bid to win a trophy!’

The Debate began at about 10. Each side talked eloquently.
After the debate, the judges sat together for more than twenty minutes to decide the winner. Judge, Ms. Georgina Middleton, Manager of the British Council went up on stage to announce the results.

Chundikuli was declared Champions and the Best Debater Award went to Preyanha Elampirayan of Chundikuli Girls’ College.

The Chief Guest, Moderator and Judges were felicitated by the Principal, St John’s College.


Next was the Presentation of Awards to the winners and participants. The Chairman distributed the awards in the presence of the Principals of both schools.

The Vote of Thanks by the Secretary of the English Union of St.John’s College brought the function to an end.









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College NEWS