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Annual Lunch of the Advanced Level Union 2016

The Annual Lunch of the Advanced Level Union for 2016 was held on Saturday 27th February 2016 at 12.30 p.m. in the Peto Memorial Jubilee Hall which had by then been beautifully arranged for this function.

The Chief Guest was Dr.T.Sathyamoorthy, Director, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna a person who is loved and respected for his simplicity. He received his education from Hindu College, Kilinochi and completed his MBBS at the Faculty of Medicine, Jaffna. He has also completed MSc and MD in Medical Administration. He has served as the Medical Superintendent at General Hospital, Vavuniya as well as Kilinochi and also as Additional Provincial Director of Health Service and Regional Director of Health Service, Killinochi.

The Guest of Honor was Dr.K.Muhunthan, Senior Lecturer and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Jaffna. He is an active Old Boy of St. John’s College who has shown abiding interest in the school. He too completed his MBBS at the Faculty of Medicine, Jaffna and has also completed MS and MRCOG.

After the arrival of the Chief Guest the function started with the prayer. Next lunch was served. The lunch itself was educational – a lot of students learnt the art of eating with forks and spoons. After a scrumptious meal, ice-cream followed.
Next was the Welcome Speech by the President of Advanced Level Union. S. Praveenshan in his speech thanked all the guests for ‘coming to grace the final occasion of our school career.’ He said that though there were several occasions when they could get together and rejoice, an occasion of this kind wouldn’t come again after leaving the college.

It was quite moving to hear the President say, ‘No one knows where we will be in a few years time and what we’ll be doing then. But one thing for sure, the memories of our college life will never ever vanish from our hearts, even after ages.’

Finally, he invited everyone to join him in the loyal toast to the Nation.

Following the speech, Dr.T.Sathyamoorthy proposed the toast to the Alma Mater. In his speech he said:

  • Student life is an important period. One gets to learn. One gets to prepare for life.
  • Next six months was going to be a challenging and decisive period in their lives.
  • Concentrate hard and study well to excel.
  • Believed and trusted the educational fraternity of St. John’s College to make the children better citizens.
  • Education was valued a lot in the past. But the recent trend is somewhat different. Employers are looking for soft skills in prospective employees. They seek people with good communicative skills, good leadership qualities, the ability to work in teams etc.
  • This school has produced many leaders to the society, to the country and more than that to the world.

The Principal in his speech, welcomed all the guests and students to the function and thanked them for their presence.

He thanked all the members of the Advanced Level Union, especially the Committee, and the Vice Patrons for the successful organization of the function. He said that he felt greatly honoured to reply to the toast to the College which had been proposed by the Chief Guest. The Principal:

  • Said that the boys stood on the brink of a new chapter in their lives.
  • Asked them to take a moment to reflect on everything that they have achieved at school and appreciate how far they have come.
  • Shared the joke of a patient who didn’t get well even a month of treatment by a world renowned doctor. When the doctor asked the patient whether he had followed the instructions in the medicine carefully, the patient is said to have replied, ‘Sure, I did - the bottle said 'keep tightly closed,' so I didn’t open it even once.” He asked the students not to be like the patient in the story. ‘If you need to be successful in your life, utilize your commonsense, be broad-minded, and think beyond the box,’ he said.
  • Recollected that Riviharan became second in the Island by obtaining 3A’s in the Technological stream.
  • Said that the teachers and the students worked hard to make St. John’s the 3rd best school in the island in the Science stream.
  • Challenged the 2016 batch of students to perform better than the students in the past.
  • Reminded them that they had only one more chance for their names to appear in the name panels in the Peto Hall – by becoming first in the District or by doing exceptionally well at the national level.
  • Quoted the Chief Guest of the Tamil Day by saying, ‘Johnians have waged many battles and have won them all.’
  • Reiterated that he too believed that Johnians could do what they set their minds to do.
  • Wished everyone the very best and said, ‘May you leave the portals of this college, ready to show the world that Johnians will stop at nothing to achieve greatness.’

A toast was proposed to the Advanced Level Union by Dr.K.Muhunthan. The Guest of Honour echoed the thoughts of the Chief Guest. He reiterated the importance of soft skills. He urged the students to develop their personality and character. Advising the students to work harder and wishing them all the best, he proposed the toast.
The toast was replied by Mas.J.Srikajan.
Next, Mas.V.Piravin thanked everyone for being present. He told the story of Thomas Alva Edison who failed 2000 times trying to invent the light bulb. When his dejectedly said that they couldn’t invent anything despite putting in a lot of dedication and sacrifice, Edison is said to have replied, ‘It doesn’t matter because we have discovered 2000 ways which cannot be used to make a filament bulb.”

Piravin concluded the story with the following important message, ‘Each try will give us something. You may try and fail, But don’t fail to try.’ Finally he requested the members of the Advance level union to rise and drink to the health of the guests.

The toast to the guests was replied by Miss.Annsista Theoginus Reginold of Chundikuli Girls’ College.

Finally the function ended with the College Song by the Advanced level students. At the end of the function the students took photographs with their friends, teachers and representatives of other schools. The students of Advanced Level began to feel gloomy as they realized that their days as students of St. John’s College were now numbered. They went home with heavy hearts and heavy stomachs.


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