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Battle of the North 2015 - St. John’s record outright win after 25 years

109th Battle of the North

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St. John’s who came in as hot favourites for the 109th Battle of the North encounter against traditional rivals Jaffna Central lived up to their

Sebamalaipillai Jeni Flemin stretches foward during his top knock of 107 in St. John’s first innings against Jaffna Central Picture courtesy Gopikrishna Gopalakrishnan

expectations of their supporters when they recorded a convincing 84-run win in the game concluded at the Central ground in Jaffna yesterday.

The Johnians in fact are gaining an outright win over their rivals after a lapse of 25 years with the last being in 1990. According to an official they were winners in the year 2004 and last year but in reality the two wins were awarded to them after decisions made by the two school officials due to the match being stopped after the crowds invaded.

They came into the game with high hopes having had a successful inter-school cricket season. The foundation for the win was laid on day one by Sebamalaipillai Jen Flemin who made a fine knock of 107 supported by skipper skipper Sajeenthiran Kapilraj. The pair put on a match winning 100-run stand for the third wicket which paved the way for the Johnians taking first lease of the wicket to post a formidable score of 300 for 7 declared.

Later big match hero of last year Raviendran Lohathieswar’s four wicket haul helped the Johinans to bundle out the Centralites to a score of 164 on day two.

St. John’s resuming on their overnight score of 103 for 6 went on to add another 33 runs before declaring with the score on 136 for 7 leaving their opponents a target of 273 runs for victory.

Despite a fighting unbeaten knock of 72 coming from opener Sathakaran Thiresan he was forced to watch his partners from the other end being sent back to the pavilion.

The writing was almost on the wall as the Centralites were reeling on 95 for 5. Thiresan only succeeded in delaying an early win for their opponents and even a 52 runs stand for the eighth wicket with Sriskantharajah Gowthaman was in vain as it could not prevent the Johnians from cruising to an easy 84 runs victory.


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St. John’s 1st innings 300/7 declared
S. Jeni Flemin 107,
S. Kapilraj 50,
A. Gnanamirthan 33,
P. Thuvarakaseelan 33:
S. Mathusan 2 for 77

Jaffna Central 1st innings
B. Dinojan lbw b Lohathieswar 06
S. Komethakan c Kapilraj b Lohathieswar 11
S. Thiresan c Thuvarakaseelan b Lohathieswar 16
S. Alanraj c Jeni Flemin b Thuvarakaseelan 41
S. Kartheepan c Sithurjan b Lohathieswar 26
Y. Kirubakaran b Kishanthujan 09
P. Nirojan c Laski b Kishanthujan 00
N. Nithusan c Laski b Kishanthujan 00
S. Gowthaman c Kajeeban b Jathusan 41
S. Mathusan c Gnanamirthan b Thuvarakaseelan 03
S. Mathusan not out 00
Extras (b8, lb2, nb1) 11
Total (all out: 80.4 overs) 164

Fall of wickets: 1-19, 2-20, 3-51, 4-92, 5-112, 6-112, 7-116, 8-141, 9-161.
Bowling: K. Kapilraj 9-4-16-0, J. Kishanthujan 8-5-5-3, R. Lohathieswar 31-11-74-4, P. Thuvarakaseelan 11.4-4-14-2, V. Jathusan 16-8-35-1, A. Herold Lasky 2-0-8-0, A. Gnanamirthan 2-0-2-0, T. Kajeeban 1-1-0-0.

St. John’s 2nd innings (103/6 overnight)
Image Alignment 300x200 S. Kapilraj b Thiresan 01
M. Sinthujan lbw b Gowthaman 25
S. Jeni Flemin b Gowthaman 13
A. Gnanamirthan c and b Mathusan 27
P. Thuvarakaseelan b Mathusan 09
J. Kishanthujan not out 30
V. Jathusan run out 03
A. Herold Lasky c Alanraj b Nithusan 03
T. Kajeeban not out 13
Extras (b3, lb4) 07
Total (7 wickets: 30.5 overs) 136

Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-35, 3-50, 4-67, 5-86, 6-103, 7-115
Bowling: N. Nithusan 7.5-2-32-1, S. Thiresan 9-1.29-1, P. Nirojan 3-1-18-0, S. Gowthaman 6-1-30-2, S. Mathusan 5-0-20-2.

Jaffna Central 2nd innings
Image Alignment 300x200 S. Thiresan not out 72
B. Dinijan c S. Kapilraj b K. Kapilraj 02
S. Komethakan c Kishanthujan b Kajeeban 06
S. Alanraj c Jeni Flemin b K. Kapilraj 01
S. Kartheepan b K. Kapilraj 35
Y. Kirubakaran lbw b Jathusan 14
P. Nirojan c Jeni Flemin b Kishanthujan 17
S. Mathusan c Thuvarakaseelan b Kishanthujan 00
S. Gowthaman c Jathusan b Lohathieswar 26
N. Nithusan c S. Kapilraj b Thuvarakaseelan 02
S. Mathusan b K. Kapilraj 00
Extras (b6, nb1, w6) 13
Total (all out: 43 overs) 188

Fall of wickets: 1-5, 2-18, 3-19, 4-62, 5-95, 6-118, 7-132, 8-184, 9-187.
Bowling: K. Kapilraj 14.1-6-40-4, P. Thuvarakaseelan 13-6-9-1, T. Kajeeban 9-4-10-1, V. Jathusan 16-3-45-1, R. Lohathieswar 15-7-36-0, J. Kishanthujan 12-6-34-2, A. Herold Lasky 4-1-6-0, A. Gnanamirthan 3-2-1-0.

Result: St. John’s College beat Jaffna Central by 84 runs

Battle of the North 2015 -Video

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SJC Cricket Captain being awarded with the honourable trophy



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The celebrations after the Battle of North Encounter 2015


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The after-celebrations after the Battle of North Encounter 2015




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Battle of the North, SJC vs. JCC
Tamil newspaper showcases the game results and celebrations

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