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College Day 2016

The College Day was celebrated on 5th May 2016. The Principal, the Rev. N. J. Gnanaponrajah and the Vice Principals Mr.V.S.B.Thuseetharan and Mr.A.H.Gnanarajan, Sectional Heads, Tutorial Staff and students went in a procession to the graveyard.

Each Wing of the Scouts – the Air Scout, Sea Scouts and the Land Scouts - laid wreaths on the graves of the past Principals.

Laying of wreaths by the Air Scouts

The Land Scouts lay Wreaths

The Principal intoned a short prayer in remembrance of the late Principals of the College.

Principal’s Prayer

Next, the procession headed towards St John the Baptist Church for theThanksgiving Service.

Thanksgiving service

The service went on well with the blessing of the Almighty who has led this great educational institution in the past.



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College NEWS