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English Day 2017

The English day started at 10.30 a.m. in the Peto Memorial Hall with the procession of the Chief Guest, Mr.Prashan De Visser, President, Sri Lanka Unites & Global Unites, the Principal, the Rev. N.J.Gnanaponrajah, Vice Patron of the English Union, Mr. N.Shanmugathasan and the President and Secretary of the English Union.

The College Hymn was sung by the students and the Chief Guest was garlanded and honoured.

Next, the Welcome Address was delivered by the President of the English Union P.Keerthishan. The Group Song, ‘A Beautiful day’ was sung by the students of Primary school.
Oratory by T.Pavithiran of Grade 13 who obtained second place in Gold Medal Oratory followed.

Next was a Solo by P.Zeruba of Grade 13 – winner of the English Day Solo Singing competitions 2017.

The final debate between the UPVI students of Handy House and Peto House was held next. Adjudicated by the trainer Mr. Jekhan Aruliah, the topic was ‘Social deprivation causes crime.’ it was a live vibrant event and the students of each side spoke with a lot of gusto.
Following the debate was a recitation by Omshiyamsankar.J (Gr.7) who won the First Place in Recitation in the Divisional and Zonal Level English Day competitions. It was a great performance.

The next event, an African dance performed by the Middle school students was interesting to watch.

The next event was the distribution of Prizes for students in Grade 1-7 by the Chief Guest. Next, students of the Junior Secondary School attempted to make the world a better place by staging a drama with a sound message of peace, love and harmony, ‘Heal the World.‘

In the meantime, the trio of judges who had been called in to evaluate the debate had been deliberating over their judgments. After the drama, the Chief Judge of the Debate, Mr. Andrew was invited on stage to announce the results of the debate. As he walked up the steps, there was a moment of suspense followed by a round of applause when Peto House was declared Champion and Handy, Runners-up.

The Vice Patron’s Message followed. He thanked all and gave a very imposing introduction about the Chief Guest. He also spoke about the importance of reading and encouraged all present to take it up as a leisure time activity.

When Mr.Shanmugathasan left the lecturn, the curtains opened for the next programme - Boy Band –IV - a collection of melodious songs by the Senior Secondary Students & Advanced Level students.

Following the distribution of prizes for students from grade 8 to 13 by the Chief Guest, the latter was honoured by the Principal. Saying that Mr. Visser has done a lot in terms of leadership training and unity globally and at home, the Rev. N.J.Gnanaponrajah presented him with a memento.

Though the Vice Patron had given a remarkable introduction about the Chief Guest, the audience was greatly galvanized by his personality and eloquence when he was called to the lectern to deliver his speech. He was confident, relaxed and energetic and conveyed sincerity, conviction and enthusiasm in everything he said. He modulated his voice and spoke at moderate speed in a conversational tone.

He talked about the importance of the English Language and about the importance of living in peace with one another both in Sri Lanka and abroad. He also talked about the significance of English in ushering in world peace. His speech was so captivating that the audience was still eager to hear more after he stopped.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by P.Zeruba, Secretary of the English Union. The programme came to an end with the College Song.

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College NEWS