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The Patrol Leaders’ Training Camp

The Patrol Leaders’ Training Camp was held at St. John’s College from Friday, 18th September till Sunday,20th September 2015. 57 Patrol Leaders from Grades 9 to 12 (LVI) were trained. A significant number of the Patrol Leaders had passed the Scout Master’s Award after a special school level 7-day- rigorous training session from 5 p.m. to 7a.m. during the second term holidays. The following Scouters guided the students:

Mr. S.S.Thomas and Mr.V.Daniel Jayaruban (both have completed Phase IV) along with several staff of St. John’s provided assistance.

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The camp began with the hoisting of the World, District and School Flags. After the Following the games, the scouts prepared the Patrol Campsite (cleaning the area, scout gadgets, tents, boundary lines, gateways, etc.)

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Next, students were taught about the different knots in groups. At the same time, those who hadn’t gone on a journey were sent on one.

After the students were taught to tie knots, they were coached to estimate distance. Thereafter, the patrols were divided into three groups and each group was given the task of building an arena display.

After the teachers were recognized, the District Commissioner pinned the President’s Award badge to the uniform of Mas.Gobithan.

Scouts, hostellers, scout teachers and trainers presented their programmes such as dramas, jokes, solo acting, choral recitation and songs in between scout yells and cheers.

Following this everyone was given a special dinner. Thus ended the second day.

On day three, activities of day two were repeated. Following the hoisting of the flags, the final inspection took place.

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