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30th April 2016

   The ninth consecutive Thanapalan Memorial Six-a-side Cricket Tournament was held on 30th April 2016. Before the commencement of the game, staff and members of the family of the late principal visited the graveyard and laid wreaths.

 After the visit to the graveyard, everyone gathered at the Dining Hall where Sutharshan Thanapalan delivered a speech.

Next, the players got ready for the six-a-side cricket Tournament. The beginning of the tournament was a pulse racing moment for everyone.

The participating teams were greeted by the Late Principal’s family.

The Cricket match started at 8.00a.m. Participatiing schools were divided into four groups


  • Group – A   Hartley College, Skandavarodaya College, Mahajana College.
  • Group – B   St John’s College, Jaffna College, St. Patrick’s College.
  • Group – C Vavuniya T.M.M.V, St John’s College (Black), Manipay Hindu College.
  • Group – D   Jaffna Central College, Canagaratnam MMV, Kokuvil Hindu College

The teams had a great time in spite of the abnormal heat.
The final six–a-side match will be held on Wednesday, the 22ndof June 2016 at 3.30 p.m. in St. John’s College.




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College NEWS