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Teachers’ Day 2015

The Teachers’ Day Celebration began with a religious service on 06.10.2015, (Tuesday) at 8:15 a.m. The service was taken by Ven.S.J.Jeyaveerasingan, Archdeacon and Manager of the College.

In his sermon, he:

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Following the service was the Assembly in the Peto Hall at 9.30 a.m. The function began with the College Hymn, Prayer by Ven.S.J.Jeyaveerasingan and the ‘Teacher’s Song’ (Aasiriyar Geetham)


Next, the Welcome Address by the President of the OBA, Jaffna, the Rev.J.Jason Selvarajah followed.Image Alignment 150x150

In his speech, he said that it was the teachers who brought out the potential in students.

Next was the address on behalf of students by the Senior Prefect, Mas. C.Julius Charoon. He said that teachers were the richest blessings given by God because people who were rich in knowledge were rare. He said that it was teachers who passed on their knowledge to the students in all the fields of education.

He said that aims and aspirations of people in other professions may vary over time. But a teacher’s dream of securing a child’s future by armouring him with education never changes. According to the Senior Prefect, it was the teachers who lay the foundation for children to grow up into good citizens in the future.

Image Alignment 150x150Next, Mr.S.Ganatheepan took the podium and spoke on behalf of the old boys. He said that it was an appropriate day to thank all the teachers for the noble and dedicated service they are rendering to the children.

He said, ‘Education is the key to everything but teachers are the key to education.’ He said that he saluted teachers for guiding the students in the correct path, like a lighthouse guiding the ships to safety in the perils of the night. He said that teachers try hard to bring out the latent talents in children and showcase them to the world. They take great pleasure and pride in seeing their children in the limelight and take no praise for it due to their selflessness.

Following Mr. Ganatheepan’s speech was Mrs.Thayalini Thileepan’s. She addressed the gathering on behalf of the parents. She said that teachers were supreme artists who never get jealous of their students’ progress in life – on the contrary they feel extremely overjoyed when they come across someone they have taught doing well in life. She said that discipline and knowledge are like the two sides of a coin. Students should have both to become entities of value.

She likened the students to brand new computers just off the assembly line. She said that teachers were the software that that directs a computer's processor to perform specific operations. Without the software, the computers cannot perform even basic arithmetic. Teachers, at times act as anti-virus software too, cleaning all malicious programmes and ‘thoughts and behaviours’ in computers (children).

Following the interesting speech by Mrs.Thileepan, the retired staff, both academic and non academic were honoured by the old boys. The list is given on page 5 However, not all were present.

Image Alignment 150x150Next was the Principal’s Address. He thanked Mr. Ganatheepan, Mrs.Thileepan and Julius Charoon for their wonderful speeches. He thanked all the old boys and all the well-wishers for their keen interest in the activities of the College and for organizing the Teachers’ Day on a grand scale at St. John’s.

Distribution of awards & felicitation of the Tutorial & Non Tutorial Staff by the College & OBA was next on the agenda. Following this, the students and staff who performed at the National level were recognised by the college & O.B.A. Please look at pages 5 and 6 for the detailed list.

The Vote of Thanks- Mrs.M.J.Jeno, Secretary of the Teachers’ Guild of St. John’s College, Musical Show by the staff and students and College Song brought the function in Peto Hall to an end. Image Alignment 150x150
Pop pop pop went the balloons – in the opening scene of the second chapter in the classrooms. Children and teachers with beaming teachers were seen scuttling here and there – with garlands in hands and around necks. After the registers were marked, students received blessing from the teachers.

This is probably the most rewarding and soul satisfying time of a teacher’s life – to be acknowledged with grateful hearts for their selfless services.
When the bell rang at 11:30, the students went to the canteen and old boys and visitors were ushered into the Principal’s room for refreshments. Following this was a cricket match between staff and old boys. The former won.
Image Alignment 150x150Lunch was scheduled for 1:30. Physically drained but emotionally uplifted, everyone made their way to the dining room.
At lunch, this report was handed over to the Principal…
List of retired staff, both academic and non academic who were honoured by the old boys (not all were present). Mr.S.P.Jeevanantham
Mr.Sara Thamotharam
Mr.A.Alex Thambirajah

Image Alignment 150x150Mr.V.Sivagnanasegaram
Mr M Nadarajah

Award List – Teacher’s Day 2015

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National Awards

Achieve National level (1st,2nd& 3rd ) places
Recognition Awards by the OBA Jaffna


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