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Commerce Day 2015

The Commerce Union of St. John’s College celebrated its annual Commerce Day on 15.09.2015. The function which was held at 12 noon in the Peto Memorial Hall was graced by the Chief Guest Mr.M.Thileepan, Manager, Colombo Stock Exchange, Jaffna Branch. The function began with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp. Following the College Hymn was the Welcome Speech by the President of the Union, Mas.T.Sukirthan. The Commerce Union is headed by the Principal, the Rev. N.J.Gnanaponrajah with the support of the three Vice Patrons, Mr.P.Thayaparan, Mr.S.Richikesan and Mr. S.T.Nishanthan. The Vice Patron’s Address was delivered by Mr. Richikesan. He thanked the Chief Guest for setting aside his precious time to be present at the function. He commended the Chief Guest for his various achievements at a young age. He also spoke about the importance of Commerce in the business world. He said that students from the Commerce Stream shoulder a lot of responsibilities at school and take part in various activities. ‘For example, most of the members of the Villu Paattu team which became First at National Level are students from the Commerce Stream,’ he said.

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The next item on the agenda was a quiz between the students of St. John’s College and Chundikuli Girls’ College. At the end of the quiz, Mr. Richikesan noted that questions based on the film industry were answered well but questions based on education fetched wrong responses. This clearly shows where the interests of the students lie. Next was the Award Ceremony. Many students received certificates from the hands of the Chief Guest for securing places in competitions. Next was a Debate entitled, Does the Private Sector or the Public Sector contribute towards a more prosperous life?’ The following interesting points were put forward:

  • It is the government that gives licenses to the liquor shops.
  • Private sector is dependant on the government.
  • The best banks are usually private-run.
  • Private sectors are more efficient.
  • Private schools like St. John’s College have a dedicated team of staff who work till 3:45. This is not found in any government school.
  • It is the government that provides free uniform and textbooks to students.
  • Governments give better job security and fringe benefits like pension.
  • Government hospitals provide a good service whereas private hospitals rob one blind.
  • Public and private toilets provide ample testimony to which is doing a better job.

After the Debate, the Chief Guest was called on stage where he was honoured for the contributions he has made to the field of Commerce. A memento was presented to him.

The Chief Guest’s Address followed. In his address, he:

  • said that the Commerce Stream opens up a lot of possibilities for students.
  • advised the students to take up professional courses if they fail to gain entrance to the university. The College Song followed the Vote of Thanks by the Secretary, Mas. E.Anoojan. The function ended after refreshments were served. The staff, students and visitors went back to their homes with sweet memories of the function and a sweet lingering taste tingling their taste buds...

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College NEWS