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Terms – 2018

College Calendar 2018 - pdf

College Calendar 2017 - pdf

College Calendar 2016 - pdf

College Calendar 2015 - pdf

College Calendar 2014 - pdf

Term I

Start Date:              Monday 2nd January

Finish Date:            Wednesday 5th April

Public Holidays:     7

Weeks:                   14

(3 weeks break)

Term II

Start Date:              Wednesday 26th April

Finish Date:            Saturday 5th August

Public Holidays:     6

Weeks:                  14

(4.5 weeks break)

Term III

Start Date:             Wednesday 6th September

Finish Date:           Friday 8th December

Public Holidays:      5

Weeks:                  15

(3.5 weeks break)


Click the College Calendar PDF link for more info...


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