Owners of property situated behind Fleming Hostel contacted me to sell that property to St.John's. It has entrance to Kandy Road and approximately 5 Latchams in size. The initial offer is at Rs. 25 million, but we are negotiating for 20 million. I have scheduled a meeting with owners on Saturday, 02nd July 2016. We do not want to miss this opportunity to purchase an adjoining land which can be used for school's development and also will give us many options for expansion.

One of the primary vision of St.John's is to expand itself into a provider of post secondary education awarding graduate degrees. As we know, only 15% of those who sit for the A/L exam are able to enter Government Universities in Sri Lanka. There is a great need to cater to those who are unable to enter state universities. St.John's wants to fill this void by offering graduate degree levels programs and technical/vocational training to the youth so that they will be able to enter the market place with suitable skills and qualifications. In this regard St.John's College has already initiated strategic partnerships with Open University of Sri Lanka and Indian Universities such as Karunya University and RVS College, an affiliate of Anna University.

St.John's has invested Rs 105 million in infrastructure in the last 5 years. Majority of these contributions were from the old boys. This infrastructure investment includes repairs to existing buildings and constructing new buildings to meet increasing needs of additional pupils and courses. The said adjacent land is situated at a very strategic location which will serve St.John's and its future expansion plans.

We thank you for all the support you have provided all these years. You have come through at critical times infusing needed capital and donations. We hope that you will kindly consider this request as well. We need to urgently raise Rs. 20 million to negotiate and make an initial offer. I would be grateful if you could make a pledge to donate towards this project. Bank details of school are given below. Please confirm your commitment on or before Monday 4th July 2016.

If you know anyone personally, who could help us in this regard, please give the details for me to write directly to them.
Bank Name: Hatton National Bank, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
Branch Address: 177, 179, Ponnampalam Road, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
Name of Account: St.John's College, Jaffna. ; Account Number: 016010004016

You can transfer the funds through your respective OBA or directly for the above account.
When you transfer funds, please inform school to enable us to acknowledge receipt. For further information you can call me on +94 777 154 093 (cell) or +94 21 2222 432 (office) or email me on sjcjaffna@gmail.com.
Thanking you once again for your generosity.

God Bless you all.

Yours sincerely,