At St John's we are always looking for another helping hand to improve and enhance the levels of sophistication within the college, so why not join us on this journey. We welcome everyone to be comfortable to give a helping hand within the school. Voluntary Work is a highly anticipated role at the college as so many withing the community are urging deeply to help out.

You may choose any of the following;

  • Training / Coaching all games
  • Teach the students english medium
  • Nourish the college facilities
  • Aid during Sports
  • Hold college information presentations
  • Help with Technology
  • Aid in Music
  • A personal teacher's assistant
  • Safety Aid
  • Health Assistant
  • and so much more...

You may easily contact the principal by a simple phone call or visiting the college. We will happily accomodate you within the college, we are looking forward to seeing all of you. Thank You